Are you looking for a rental apartment house in Sapporo?
Our company, Apamanshop Leasing Hokkaido is one of the leading companies of the real estate agency.
Apamanshop Kita 18-jo branch is close to Hokkaido University and Subway Station.
We provide superior service to satisfy your needs and assist you in English and Chinese.
All staff has deep knowledge about renting apartment houses,saving investors time.
Every renting apartment house in Sapporo is available.
Please make an inquiry about your new apartment. We'll give it all we've got !
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Telephone :        【 011-717-2111 】
Fax :                    【 011-717-2115 】
Business hours:【 10:30AM to 7:00PM  】( except every Wednesday )

If your friends have some trouble finding an apartment, please keep them updated.